An antidote to loneliness

Do you often feel alone, in many cases even when you are in the company of others? This is far from extraordinary, as there are plenty of them doing so. According to various surveys, more than thirty percent of people regularly feel alone.

Experts on the subject say loneliness is not just a simple mood or desire for company, but a temporary or permanent emotional state in a person’s life. Its likelihood depends heavily on genetic traits, but it can also hit your head due to external factors such as a move, breakup, personal tragedy, or even a new job.

While at times everyone may need some solitude, prolonged loneliness can easily endure our mental and physical health as well. Getting to know people, and deep, meaningful conversations, on the other hand, can come with real therapy.

Daily Therapy is a free chat app designed to make it as easy as possible for anyone who feels lonely and want to meet and find chat partners.

The interface of the app is extremely simple, so it will not be a problem to use even for those who are not very proficient in online space. You only need a few minutes to create your own profile and then determine who you want to meet with the app.

In addition to the Google Play Store, Daily Therapy is also easy to download from the AppStore.

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